CopyBlocks AI Unlimited Upgrade OTO Software by Ifiok Nkem – Best UPSELL #1 of CopyBlocks to Get Unlimited Marketing Copies, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Downloads And Get Unlimited Profits

CopyBlocks AI Unlimited Upgrade OTO Software by Ifiok Nkem – Best UPSELL #1 of CopyBlocks to Get Unlimited Marketing Copies, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Downloads And Get Unlimited Profits

CopyBlocks AI Unlimited Upgrade OTO Software by Ifiok Nkem is UPSELL #1 of CopyBlocks to Get Unlimited Marketing Copies, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Downloads And Get Unlimited Profits. In a nutshell, CopyBlocks is a mass appeal solution(EVERY business needs buyer copy), Killer Copy… Design… Layout… Graphics… Funnels & VSLs. Our Sales Pages make our offers irresistible. Guaranteed EPIC conversions – our last three launches had double digits EPC, Funnel conversion, FE conversion, Funnel Conversion, from day 1 to launch end. Check Here! Here’s What Will You get  of CopyBlocks AI Unlimited  pro among of them are ;Unlimited Copies, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Downloads, AI Training – Train the AI to write the way you want it to write. This A.I can learn. This is done by giving the AI examples of how it should write. If your subscribers are looking to make money selling a service that is in high-demand and something that every business needs…, then you MUST help them get access to CopyBlocks AI Unlimited  download as the way for them to finally make money offering a service needed worldwide.

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CopyBlocks AI Unlimited Upgrade OTO Software by Ifiok Nkem – Best UPSELL #1 of CopyBlocks to Get Unlimited Marketing Copies, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Downloads And Get Unlimited Profits

CopyBlocks AI UNLIMITED Software by Ifiok Nkem

Check This Upsell/OTO :
Main Product (Front End) : CopyBlocks AI Software by Ifiok Nkem 

UPSELL OTO #1 : CopyBlocks AI UNLIMITED Upgrade OTO 
UPSELL OTO #2 : CopyBlocks AI Pro Upgrade OTO 
UPSELL OTO #3 : CopyBlocks AI Agency Upgrade OTO 
UPSELL OTO #4 : CopyBlocks AI Digital Package Upgrade OTO 
UPSELL OTO #5 : CopyBlocks AI Reseller Upgrade OTO 

CopyBlocks AI UNLIMITED Software by Ifiok Nkem

Here’s What Will You get 

  • Unlimited Copies
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • AI Training – Train the AI to write the way you want it to write. This A.I can learn. This is done by giving the AI examples of how it should write.

Semi-Exclusive Bonuses :

  • Bonus #1 7 Days Product Creation Blueprint
    Making money online (or even offline) is all about selling! It’s either you are selling a product or a service. Selling a service will require you to first learn a skill before you can start getting people to pay you for it. On the other hand, creating a product has been a struggle especially for beginners until now… Create Your Own Digital Product In 7 Days! This eCourse contains a turbo strategy showing how you can create your own digital product in 7 short days. No special skills are required, everything you need is laid out step by step in this course. And when you take action on this page today, you get your FREE instant access delivered within your account.
  • Bonus #2 99000+ PLR ARTICLES
    Fill your eBooks or reports with content automatically regardless of your niche… Get instant access to a vault of 99,000+ premium PLR articles. You can use or sell as-is, you can spin content from them, you can rebrand and sell as your own product, in fact, you get FULL rights to use them however you wish to. Immediately you take action on this page today, you get it delivered right inside your members’ area.
    Discover The Secret Strategy To Profitable & Effective ‘Outsourcing.’ Learn how the big boys do it . . . And Save Yourself Time & Money! This course exposes a ninja approach to outsourcing that’ll save you both time and money and at the same time make you more productive.
    You’ll learn;
    How to Know When You Should Outsource
    How to Identify Projects for Outsourcing
    Everyday Tasks You Should Consider Outsourcing
    Things to Consider Before Outsourcing
    How to Avoid an Outsourcing Catastrophe
    And more . . .
    Get your FREE access today, by taking action on this page!
  • Bonus #4 100k Adsense Blueprint
    How to Start Earning CONSISTENTLY From Google Adsense Starting Today. Google Adsense still remains one of the most popular and most lucrative ways people are making money online, you sure don’t want to be left out! This course is a complete step by step blueprint and it’s a guaranteed recipe for success even for a granny, lol! Pick up CopyBlocks today, and get your FREE access IMMEDIATELY!

Check This Upsell/OTO :
Main Product (Front End) : CopyBlocks AI Software by Ifiok Nkem 

UPSELL OTO #1 : CopyBlocks AI UNLIMITED Upgrade OTO 

  • Unlimited Copies
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • AI Training – Train the AI to write the way you want it to write. This A.I can learn. This is done by giving the AI examples of how it should write.

UPSELL OTO #2 : CopyBlocks AI Pro Upgrade OTO 

CopyBlocks to Unlock A Built-In Graphics Design Software And Secure Access To Additional Copy Categories, Exciting Features And More. Our members wait for a new category to launch and pay a MONTHLY fee to add this extra feature to their accounts. Well, guess what, you are already one up by stumbling across this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get all this (and more) for just a tiny fraction of that fee. You not only get XX additional categories today but also get NEW categories automatically added to your account EVERY MONTH! CopyBlocks AI PRO give Sales & Cold Email Writer, Sentence Improver, Sentence Simplifier, Sentence Expander And New Categories Added Every Month For The Next 1 Year.

Here’s What’s In It For You…

  • Sales & Cold Email Generator
    Make a great first impression by generating flawless sales emails. These are the types of emails that will NOT end up in spam and will encourage your clients to take immediate action.
  • Sentence Improver
    Position yourself as a professional by enhancing the quality of your sentences and by making them even more captivating using this built-in feature. Avoid common mistakes and adjust the tone to improve the impact of your content… by almost 100%.
  • Sentence Simplifier
    Simple language matters more than you know. A complex sentence distracts the reader and you could lose their attention in the first few seconds. Use this feature to write high-quality text in clear sentences and make an instant connection with your reader.
  • Sentence Expander
    Use this feature to create a better version of your old text with just a click of a button. It’s time to level up! Now you can generate sentences that are FINALLY the right length and meet the word count you were aiming for.
  • New Categories To Be Added Monthly For The Next 1 Year
    Our team constantly develops and introduces new ‘in-demand’ categories every month. When you upgrade today, you get these fresh categories added to your account FREE for a whole year! Non-Pro members will have to pay for each feature separately every month.
  • Generate Marketing Copy Faster
    You don’t have to wait around for your marketing copy to take form. Now, we have trained our AI to spit out results faster than you can imagine. Surprise yourself and your clients with how fast you can meet those deadlines. This is a game-changer! Now there’s nothing to slow you down from making all those insane profits!
  • Graphics design software
    You can now effortlessly convert your marketing text into attractive graphics to grab the attention of your visitors.Maintain your viewer’s interest even while presenting large amounts of complex data.
    The best way to stand out from your competition, visually communicate your advantages and get sure shot conversions every time! Through our years of experience, we have concluded that graphics NEVER disappoint.

Benefits of CopyBlocks AI PRO :

  • Email Writer (Sales & Cold Emails)
  • Sentence Improver
  • Sentence Simplifier
  • Sentence Expander
  • New Categories Added Every Month For The Next 1 Year
  • Faster Speed Of Copy Generation
  • Graphics Design Software
  • Priority VIP Support

Generating A Profitable Marketing Copy Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

  • Step 1 is Enter Product Name Description
  • Step 2 is Select The Type Of Marketing Copy & Tone
  • Step 3 is A.I. Generates 100% Original Marketing Copy Use In Your Business Or Sell To Your Clients For BIG Profits

You Are Protected By 30-Day Full Refund Policy
Still not sure if this upgrade will help you? Well, we are! That’s why we are allowing you to try out these breathtaking features for 30 full days! We want you to be completely worry-free when you upgrade to the PRO version of CopyBlocks today. Try out the new additions and make some super-fast profits. If for some reason, you still feel this doesn’t work for you… Just write to us and we will refund you your full investment back. No questions asked.

You Also Win Some Special Pro Bonuses For Being An Early Bird!

  • Bonus #1 100+ Viral Videos
  • Bonus #2 350+ Premium Soundtracks
  • Bonus #3 Youtube Ranking Ninja Play

UPSELL OTO #3 : CopyBlocks AI Agency Upgrade OTO 

Professional Agency Toolkit And ‘Done For You’ Marketing Package. We created a full-blown, 100% DONE FOR YOU marketing package, designed especially to sell copywriting services. The templates have been polished, re-polished, and experimented with… to get you that high ranking you have always dreamt of. Thousands of clients will come flooding in once you put yourself out there with the help of our incredible tools. And you don’t have to pay through your nose for it (at least not today) since we are gifting it out at a MASSIVELY discounted price as part of our launch special offer.

Here’s Everything You Get With This EXCLUSIVE Package

  • AGENCY Dashboard
    Tracking and managing multiple accounts just got a whole lot easier. You are going to be overwhelmed with so many clients that you will require a platform to manage all your data in one place. Luckily for you, with this package, you get a customizable professional dashboard to manage all your clients and track & analyze your performance. If organizing is not your strong suit, now it will be!Get a birds-eye view of all your sales while you add, delete and manage clients on the go with this beginner-friendly interface.
  • Copywriting Agency Website
    Today, almost 75% of online users judge a business’s credibility based on its website.But creating a strong website is time-consuming, stressful and so so expensive.
    Here’s FANTASTIC news for you… with this package, you get a STUNNING website that you can start using from day #1. Our expert team has designed a high-action copywriting agency website that is 99% ready to use. All you have to do is customize it to your liking and start right away. This website is the defining tool that will position you as a professional in the market. Watch your leads turn into recurring clients in no time!
    Go ahead and captivate your audience and convert them into paying customers.
  • Powerpoint & Keynote Proposal Presentation
    Reinforce your business image by using one of our striking presentations designed to engage your audience with graphics and clear detailed information.
    Created by our top in-house designers, these presentations will convince your prospects that they need to hire a copywriting agency and why they should choose you to do it for them RIGHT AWAY! Tried and tested, our presentation has a solid history of converting clients EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • High Converting Cold Email Sequence
    Ever sent an embarrassing cold email and got blatantly ignored before? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Now, we want to make sure this stays in the past for you.After learning from our mistakes, we have drafted the perfect cold email sequence that you can now use to nail your prospects! Simply copy, paste, and follow this created-to-convert email sequence and watch your leads convert from cold to warm to hot to lava in no time!
  • Stunning Commercial Graphics Package
    In today’s visual age, well-designed materials are more important than ever. If you don’t have an eye for design, we got you. With our ready-to-use commercial graphics package, you will be grabbing all those eyeballs even if you snoozed your way through design class. Promote your agency by using our professionally designed business cards, brochures, letterheads, and even Facebook & banner ads templates. With this package, you get a set of fully editable graphic templates for you to establish yourself as an expert in the field. No hard work required!
  • Ready to go Facebook Ads Creative
    Hate formalities, awkward interactions, and follow-ups while going door to door to promote your services?
    Oh, and what about making 100 cold calls a day just to get one lead?
    We cringed too! So… what if we told you you don’t have to do this anymore?
    We’re sure you like the idea of your clients coming TO YOU. This will soon be your reality as soon as you start running our ready-to-use targeted Facebook ads to reel in your clients. All you have to do is copy, paste and watch as leads start knocking at YOUR DOOR.
  • DFY Pimped-To-Sell Telemarketing Scripts
    Don’t sweat it out while writing a telemarketing script. Simply use our step-by-step done for you scripts to keep your prospects engaged and ensure positive results.
    Our complete telemarketing scripts are specifically designed for different sales scenarios. Both in-person and over the phone.
    These conversations are a sure-shot way to hit all the right points during your call. Obtain the desired end results almost every time as you make it super difficult to say ‘NO’.
  • Legal Contract Agreement
    We’ve all burned our hands in the past enough to realize just how important a written agreement can be. With written communication (even if it is an e-mail), the client and you both have something that can be referred back to if there is any confusion about the work or payment. We get that drafting a contract can be tough, and with no experience, some of the most important points can be left out, only to realize it once it’s too late. To solve this, we have brought on board industry experts to draft a detailed contract that provides a safety net for you if you ever face a problem.


  • Ready-made Website
  • Agency Dashboard – Multiple user access
  • Professionally Developed Presentations
  • Print-Ready Commercial Graphics Templates
  • Pimped-To-Sell Telemarketing Scripts
  • Stunning Facebook Ads Creative
  • DFY Animated Video
  • Attorney Drawn Customizable Legal Contracts
  • Highly Optimized Cold Call Email Sequence
  • And a lot more..

Advantages :

  • Set up your own copywriting agency business in minutes…
  • Save time and money by using our powerful, proven-to-convert marketing scripts.
  • Secure sales by leveraging our professional keynote and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Provide solutions to customers to drive more traffic & sales to their website by using powerful copy.
  • Make thousands of dollars starting today using our ready-made website, proposals, graphics, contracts, & more.
  • Scale Up for fast and explosive profits in any niche…
  • Charge a premium by positioning yourself as a seasoned copywriter
  • Unlock access to a professional and animated sales video crafted specially to sell copywriting services.

We’ve also added in some crazy BONUSES for FREE

  • BONUS #1 Done For You Professional Animated Agency Sales Video
    Marketing copy services are hot in demand, but no doubt the competition is high and getting clients can be a pain in the ass. . . So we decided to add the most converting marketing element to your ready made marketing kit.
    Wondering what that could be?
    We spent thousands of dollars to create a professional and high converting agency sales video to use in your marketing. Run video ads, YouTube ads, or do video SEO to get leads. Mesmerize clients and make them chase you to create marketing copy for them.
    Get ready to see an avalanche of projects headed your way.
  • BONUS #2 Authority Boost Training – How To Get Testimonials, Reviews & Social Proofs As a Beginner
    This is a premium video course that will show you how to practically generate awesome reviews, testimonials for your agency, even as a beginner…So flagging off your own Copywriting Agency, you need this training to learn how you can start generating awesome reviews and testimonials that you can employ in your marketing message to close more deals. Pick up you access today, and get instant access to this video training.
  • BONUS #3 How To Close High Paying Clients
    Closing high paying clients has remained the “greyest area” in the agency line of business. This is because many times, you get an incredible tool that delivers a great service but getting clients becomes the problem… So, we created this program; “How To Close High Paying Clients” to help you master the secret strategies used by top agencies like KingKong (Sell Like Crazy – Sabri Suby), to start closing high paying clients starting today and how to hook them up on a recurring service.
  • BONUS #4 Cold Outreach Ninja Play
    Earning online is all about selling! Right now, you have a high in demand and high paying service to render using CopyBlocks. All that’s now left is your ability to sell people, agencies and businesses on it. The “Cold Outreach Ninja Play” is our in-house vault of cold calling and cold outreach materials. We have developed and tweaked every piece of strategy for conversion over the years, and right now, we are dame certain of it’s performance in ANY niche for whoever is using it. You don’t need ANY selling experience, you don’t need to be an expert – ALL you need to do, is follow the strategies as it is, and you’ll be wowed at the results you’ll get. We go deep as far as telling you what to say at every point in time, when to pause, what questions to ask in different scenarios, etc.
    Pick up access to CopyBlocks Agency today and secure your instant access to this goldmine!

100% Money-Back Guarantee
This offer is fully backed by our iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee. We want to ensure you are 100% comfortable while upgrading to the CopyBlocks Agency Kit. Hence, we are offering you a ZERO RISK option of getting a FULL REFUND within 14 days of usage. Test this kit for 14 days and if within this period you aren’t happy with the results that you get, just write to us and we will return all your money. No Deductions. No Penalties. Hassle-free refunds on Day 1 or Day 14…No questions asked. It’s nothing but a win-win situation for you.

UPSELL OTO #4 : CopyBlocks AI Digital Package Upgrade OTO 

Activate A Full Blown & Ready To Profit Digital Service & Software Agency WITHOUT Any Budget, Marketing Skills or Technical Experience! You Get EVERYTHING You Need To Kick-Start Your Own Digital Service Agency, Start Closing Clients From Day 1, And How Our Beta Testers Are Scaling To Six Figures WITHOUT The Usual Hard Work. Special Bonus Added Just Now: Local Video Kit. CopyBlocks AI Digital Package give benefits Unlock 10 World Class Apps That You Can Use to Create & Deliver Results For Your Clients. You Get INSTANT Access & FULL Commercial Rights to Use The Apps For Yourself or For Clients. Grab 10 New State-of-The-Art Agency Kits in One Awesome Package! Utilize Done-For-You Websites, Proposals, Graphics, Contracts & More Designed To Skyrocket Your Results!

Unlock Access To 6 World-Class Agency Apps…

  • Agency Apps Social Media Marketing & Traffic App
    Help your clients to boost their online visibility & stay in front of their customers across different social networks. With this tool, you can manage multiple social media profiles with ease…
    Post your client’s content across different social media channels to update & keep current customers engaged.
  • Agency Apps Fb Ads & Influencer Marketing App
    Help clients set up profitable Facebook ad campaigns that bring massive sales & results. With this tool, you can explore thousands of hidden, targetable interests on Facebook and explode your client’s profit.
    Save hours on interest research and find the perfect low-competition keywords
  • Agency Apps Content Marketing & Syndication App
    Discover new, engaging & trending content for any industry or topic.
    You don’t need to write a single line of content yourself… In just minutes, you can use this tool to create quality content that engages prospects & compels them to take action on your client’s offers.
  • Agency Apps Messenger Chatbot Software
    Easily create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support…without ANY coding or tech skills. With this tool, you can help to boost engagement on your client’s website, respond and assist visitors (without being there in-person) and consistently turn cold prospects into recurring paying customers.
  • Agency Apps Web & Graphics Design App Suite
    Create high converting graphic and web designs that hook your client’s audience to your marketing message in just minutes… No technical or design skill is needed! PLUS… 6,000+ Professional Templates. 400+ Web Page Blocks. 545,000+ SVG Icons. 2 million+ Images. 1,500+ Audio Tracks. HD Videos…
  • Agency AppsWebsite & Funnel Design Software
    Create sleek and professional websites and sales funnels for yourself and for clients…
    Remember, no business can truly go online WITHOUT a website of a sales funnel – this makes this service evergreen and in constant high demand.

It’s Time To Reveal What’s Inside The Ultimate Digital Agency Package…

  • DFY Video Marketing Agency Kit
    This kit has all the tools required to:
    • Rope in clients effortlessly using Facebook/ Google ads, cold email sequences, and telemarketing scripts.
    • Pitch to your client using Presentation slides and professional word documents.
    • Close deals using attorney-drawn legal contracts.
  • DFY Mobile App Agency Kit
    Kick off your own 6 figure Mobile app agency business today and indulge in a multi-billion-dollar app industry even with zero knowledge about apps.
    There is a massive demand for agencies that can help with mobile apps and you are just one step away from becoming one.
  • DFY Messenger Bot Agency Kit
    Know nothing about Bot consulting?
    Don’t worry, this Kit provides you with all that you need to set up your very own 6 figure Messenger Bot Agency.
    Get paid thousands of dollars to set up messenger bots for a million companies.
  • DFY Social Media Marketing Agency Kit
    The most incredible kit to set up a professional social media consulting business. Imagine being part of the fastest-growing industry with zero effort. Social media is a complicated necessity for any business today and companies are shelling out big bucks to anyone who can help them tackle this requirement.
  • DFY FB Ads Business Agency Kit
    Set up your own 6 figure FB ad service business. Earn Top dollar by helping millions of businesses that are struggling with Facebook by creating exceptional ads that showcase their products and service to their audience.
  • DFY Web Design Agency Kit
    A chance to build a professional web design consulting business without ever studying code.
    90% of businesses are moving online and are in desperate need of a web designing agency that will help them establish an online presence.
    Additionally, existing businesses are always on the hunt for agencies to help improve their website ROI.
    These companies are willing to pay thousands of dollars for these services and it would not be very clever to let go of this opportunity now.
  • DFY SEO Audit Agency Business Kit
    Develop your own SEO Audit consulting business with this all-inclusive kit.
    Get paid handsomely for running one of the most important and lucrative niches that businesses are in dire need of.
  • DFY Graphics Design Agency Kit
    Capitalize on the most demanded and highest-paid business requirement by setting up your very own graphics design agency. Graphics is one thing every business needs but struggles with. There are millions of businesses who are willing to pay you to help them with their marketing graphics.
  • DFY Content Marketing Agency Business Kit
    Why worry when you have this kit that offers you everything you need to set up your own 6 figure content agency business?
    Every day, thousands of new businesses are being opened in the US alone. You can charge these companies big bucks for generating quality content that can help them become successful in their business.
  • DFY Restaurant Agency Kit
    Everything you need to set up your own 6 figure restaurant agency business… to help local restaurants sell online. Restaurants are amongst the worst hit during the lockdown and post lockdown, most of them will worship you if you offer to help them set up their online service.

Special Bonuses :

  • Special Bonus #1 “HERE’S THE ICING ON THE CAKE:
    Get An EXCLUSIVE Animated & Professional
    Marketing Video FOR EACH Marketing Kit
    You’re Getting Today”…
    Copy, Voice Over, Slides & Animations – ALL DONE FOR YOU!
    Think about it for a moment…
    What’s The ONE Critical Marketing Element Missing In ClientFinda Local Agency Box?
    The ONE THING That Every Marketer Is Excited About These Days?
    Videos Of course! And Why is that?
    Video Is Proven To Convert, It’s Proven To Engage And It’s Proven To GET ATTENTION over any other marketing medium you can think of.
    It’s time to give people what they want and watch your profits maximize!
  • Special Bonus #2 Exclusive Access To Our Drop Service Assets
    You do not want to miss this!
    With your purchase of this Ultimate Software & Digital Agency Package, you gain exclusive access to our Drop service assets. That’s right!
    Obtain unrestricted access to our database that has been carefully built over the years and connect with 10 million local businesses in the USA that are desperately looking for service providers to help them sell online.
    What about service providers?
    You get access to that as well! We have a list of ‘tested and trusted’ service providers that will deliver quality service for whatever market you need.
    Everything is yours for the taking.
  • Special Bonus #3 Exclusive Rights To Use Our Testimonials And Case-Studies
    Today, offering the best product or service is not enough. We always tend to read reviews before contacting a seller and you can assume your customers will do the same. So how do you assure your customers your service is credible if you are just starting out? To solve this problem for you, with ClientFinda Local Agency Box we decided to go the extra mile and help you get started on the right note. We are offering you UNRESTRICTED access to our TESTIMONIALS and CASE-STUDIES that you can use to floor your prospects and close the deals with minimum effort.

I Am Adding These
Extra Tools At No Additional Cost (For A LIMITED TIME ONLY) To Help You Get Even Better Results

  1. 1.2 Million US Business Database
    This is a very premium and congruent bonus to the Digital Agency offer!
    When you combine this database with your Digital Agency prospecting kit, you’ll simply be unstoppable and light years ahead of your competition.
    Just imagine this… With This Digital Agency Package, your target clients are local business owners and now you’re getting a robust database containing all the relevant data about over 1.2 million local businesses across the US.
    The database include:
    Business Name
    Category & Sub category
    Address (City & State)
    Zip code
    Phone Number
    Latitude & Longitude
    This is no doubt a guarantee that you are going to be successful with this Ultimate Software & Digital Agency package, so hurry and pick up your access right away!
  2. 365 Days Social Media Calendar
    Whether for branding or marketing purposes, content marketing is very key. This is why we have put together this very awesome Social Media Content Calendar to help you solve your content marketing and content strategy challenge.
    Whether for you or for your clients, this calendar gives you a daily, well thought out content strategy for the entire year(365 days).
    It comes with 365 days of quality and unique post ideas, post content and post inspiration to help you stay up to date, consistent and remarkable in your content marketing, whether for yourself or for your clients.
    Once you pick up this Ultimate Software & Digital Agency package, you get instant access to this bonus.
  3. Restaurant Database
    With this Digital Agency Package, you get a complete and ready made agency kit for Restaurant agency. This will allow you to help local restaurant operators to take their business online.
    The fact is, Restaurants and cafes are one of the most severely affected during the pandemic lockdown, as a result restaurant operators now see the need to take their business online so they can easily receive and manage orders over an online platform.
    This means that the market for your restaurant agency is there and very hot and with the Ultimate Digital Agency Package and the special bonuses, you get the assets to close these clients and render them the service..
    But I wanted to make this deal a lot sweeter…
    Once you pick up your access today, you get instant access to an exclusive database of over 780 thousand restaurants across the US.
    The database fields include:
    Business Name
    Addr1, Addr2
    City, State, Zip & Country
    Latitude & Longitude
    Contact (Phone, Email & Website)
    Open hours
    With this database, imagine how easy it will be for you to close clients and completely dominate that niche!

100% Money Back GUARANTEE!
The Ultimate Software & Digital Agency Package is designed to bring in serious cash for serious marketers long-term. You should be able to see the results. I invite you to try the Ultimate Software & Digital Agency Package for a period of 14 days. If you make use of all our assets and you’re unable to make tons of money within that time period (i.e. 14 days) …it’s clear then that this package is NOT for you. And if my product is NOT the right fit for you – I don’t want to keep your money!

UPSELL OTO #5 : CopyBlocks AI Reseller Upgrade OTO 

Unlock The Doors To Bigger Profit With VideoTours360 Unlimited Reseller Program. You purchased CopyBlocks Ultimate because you believe it’s a great product and you can see the massive solution it offers in the face of the new business realities. Well, if it’s good for you, it’s also good for others. Especially now that the demand for virtual and online marketing is at its all-time high. Every local business owner wants and needs to leverage the internet to grow their business. This Is Like Finally Discovering The Elevator Route To Success! Everything Is Already Laid Out For You. With the CopyBlocks UNLIMITED Reseller Program, you really don’t have to do much except plug in your details. When you sign up today, you’ll get complete access to create fully-functional accounts for others to CopyBlocks.

Here’s What’s Included Inside This Reseller Program

  • CopyBlocks UNLIMITED Reseller License
    With this you unlock your opportunity to profit massively from the booming yet unsaturated copywriting & AI market.CopyBlocks
  • Access to Your Very Own Reseller Dashboard
    Where you can create and manage fully functional VideoTours360 user accounts.
  • Product & Customer Support
    Plus All Future Updates are handled by the VideoTours360 team… Just sell, pocket all the money and leave the rest to us!
  • Done For You’ Marketing Resources
    That include a sales page, video, testimonials, case studies, email swipes, and even Facebook ads). With this, selling will be a breeze as each asset is professional and has been tested & proven to convert

Advatages Will You Get :

  • Kickstart Your Own Full-Blown Software Business: Easily set up & manage accounts for your clients…
  • No Support Or Development Fees: We’ll manage all of the expensive/tricky stuff and continue to maintain and update the app at no extra cost.
  • Proven Product & Untapped Market: Our early adopters are already making between $2,000 to $10,000 per month reselling VideoTours360.
  • Marketing Materials All-Done-For You: We’ll Give You Everything You Need To Start Selling – Sales Page, Sales Video, Testimonial, Case Studies, Facebook
  • Ads.
  • No Complicated Setup: Just add this reseller upgrade to your purchase and we’ll set up your reseller panel right away and show you how it works.
  • Massive Earning Potential: Keep 100% of every sale you make and charge each user monthly recurring fees to maximize profits.
  • Priority Support: We offer a dedicated support desk for all your users for faster customer service.
  • Special Launch Bonuses: Full Unlimited Reseller Rights To 5 World-Class Apps + Reseller Dashboard + Professional & High Converting Marketing Assets

Here’s How It Works;

  • Click The Button Below To Sign up for the VideoTours360 Ultimate Reseller Program right now.
    Just one click is all it takes! We’ll give you your own reseller account in the  CopyBlocks member’s area.
  • You Unlock Unlimited Reseller License To Create & Sell Unlimited VideoTours360 Ultimate Accounts.
    With this, you’ll be able to add your own users and manage all of your own customers right from one seamless dashboard.
    This way, you can make outstanding profits. Not to mention an incredible ROI on your investment today.
  • Get Access To Our Proven Marketing Kit.
    There’s nothing here for you to create at all. All the materials that I use to sell access to  CopyBlocks will become yours. The sales copy, graphics, videos, etc. will all be included. All you need to do is edit a few details, add your payment options, and you’re good to go!
  • We handle ALL The Technical & Customer Support.
    If any of your customers ever have any issues with  CopyBlocks, my team will handle all the support. This way you can focus on growing your new business without worrying about the technical details!

Start Your “Ready-To-Profit” Software Business. WITHOUT SPENDING…

  • Months On Market Research And Analysis
  • Time & Resources On Competition Research
  • Finding & Chasing Freelancers
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Expenses
  • Hosting Service
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Customer Support Costs
  • Other Hidden Expenses

Why Is This A Sure-Shot Success?

  • Mass Appeal + Proven Product & Solves A Massive Problem For Local Businesses –  Post-Covid local businesses are now moving online and to do so profitably they’ll need converting marketing copies and web content.
  • Untapped & Highly Profitable Market –  online marketing today requires more than the archaic fill-in the blanks copies and recycled contents if you want to stand out! And what better way to do do, than to leverage AI marketing using CopyBlocks?
  • Everything is Ready-Made For You – Just Plug, Play & Profit – Ready to go product, marketing and we’ll even teach you how to launch it as your own product, how to drive & convert massive traffic into sales.
  • We Handle ALL The Heavy Lifting For You – Product update and maintenance, we handle customer support too.

Kickstart Your Own Software Empire With Our Full Blown Software Reseller Package

Software App 1
Socicake Social Media Traffic Suite – The Ultimate All-In-One Facebook Marketing Software Bundle
You UNLOCK the following apps;

  • App 1 – Messenger Bot
  • App 2 – Comment Bot
  • App 3 – Content Designer
  • App 4 – Clickable Images
  • App 5 – Soci Inviter
  • App 6 – Rich Post Editor
  • App 7 – Optin Link
  • App 8 – Messenger Broadcaster
  • App 9 – Post Manager

Software App 2
DesignBundle App Suite – The 10-In-1 Web & Graphics Design App Suite
You UNLOCK the following apps;

  • App 1 – Landing Page Builder
  • App 2 – Pixa Graphics Designer
  • App 3 – Logo Creator
  • App 4 – E-cover Creator
  • App 5 – Mockup Creator
  • App 6 – Scene Creator
  • App 7 – Stock Explorer
  • App 8 – Flexible Images
  • App 9 – Ebook Creator
  • App 10 – Video To Gif Creator

Software App 3
AgencyBlitz – 4 Powerful DFY Kits-In-1 Bundle To Own And Sell The Hottest Marketing Services In any Niche
For Each Agency You’ll Get The Following:

  • Professionally Done For You Agency Website
  • Engaging Copy And Creatives For Facebook Ads
  • Stunning Web Banners And Google Ads
  • Email Swipes And Telemarketing Scripts
  • And lots more!

FOUR Of The Hottest Niches Covered Includes;

  • Video Marketing Agency
  • Messenger Bot Agency
  • Mobile App Agency
  • Social Media Marketing Agency

Software App 4
LeadGrow Lead Gen App – DFY Lead Funnel Generator App with 100%FREE Traffic!

  • 100+ Done For You Lead Magnets
  • Auto Generated Squeeze Pages & Thank You Pages
  • 1-Click Integration With Your Favorite Autoresponder, CRM & Marketing Apps
  • Siphon FREE Traffic & Leads From Social Media In A Few Clicks
  • DFY Facebook Ads Creative And Run Optimized Ads In 1 Click
  • Done For You Email Swipes
  • For Solo Ads
  • And lots MORE!

Software App 5
Uduala eCom Software – The Extraordinary Cloud Based E-commerce Domination Platform. Over 300 Listed eCom Products + Fresh Products Added Each Week.

  • Product research – Done For You
  • Competition spy – Done For You
  • Product selection – Done For You
  • Product description – Done For You
  • Product images – Done For You
  • Pricing markup – Done For You
  • Supplier Hook-up – Done For You
  • Facebook Ads creative – Done For You
  • Facebook targeting – Done For You

Here’s A Bumper Bonus Package That’ll Help You Decide

  • 5 World-Class Apps
    (All Proven Bestseller) + Unlimited Reseller License
  • Done For You Sales Pages
  • High Converting Sales Videos
  • Done For You FB Ads
  • Proven Email Swipes
  • Conversion Boosting Bonuses

With This MEGA Reseller Bonus Package…

  • ONE Resell These Extraordinary Apps As Your Own
  • TWO Kickstart Your Own Business
    Using These Apps And Charge Clients Top Dollar For Your Services
  • THREE Do A Mix Of BOTH!

Your Investment Is Backed By Our 30-Day Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee!

This special offer is fully backed by our iron-clad 30day money-back guarantee. If in case you are unable to make MASSIVE ROI with an incredible software Business opportunity (which would mean you did not even log in – because the moment you do… you will start selling instantly) and would like a refund of your small one-time investment – just drop us a message at Support and get it processed instantly.

CopyBlocks AI Unlimited Upgrade OTO Software by Ifiok Nkem is incredible. Guaranteed EPIC conversions – our last three launches had double digits EPC, Funnel conversion, FE conversion, Funnel Conversion, from day 1 to launch end. If your subscribers are looking to make money selling a service that is in high-demand and something that every business needs…, then you MUST help them get access to CopyBlocks AI Unlimited as the way for them to finally make money offering a service needed worldwide. Get CopyBlocks AI Unlimited Now!

Check Here :

CopyBlocks AI Unlimited Upgrade OTO Software by Ifiok Nkem – Best UPSELL #1 of CopyBlocks to Get Unlimited Marketing Copies, Unlimited Projects, Unlimited Downloads And Get Unlimited Profits

Check This Upsell/OTO :
Main Product (Front End) : CopyBlocks AI Software by Ifiok Nkem 

UPSELL OTO #1 : CopyBlocks AI UNLIMITED Upgrade OTO 
UPSELL OTO #2 : CopyBlocks AI Pro Upgrade OTO 
UPSELL OTO #3 : CopyBlocks AI Agency Upgrade OTO 
UPSELL OTO #4 : CopyBlocks AI Digital Package Upgrade OTO 
UPSELL OTO #5 : CopyBlocks AI Reseller Upgrade OTO 

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